Onsen produced by Mount Fuji makes your skin as smooth as silk

Beautiful Mt. Fuji with seasons and abundant onsen with the temperature of 40 degree.
It is natural onsen with 270t for daily amount of discharge.
Alkaline onsen keeps your skin beautiful and has a wide variety of effects.
"Kaiun no yu (fortune onsen)" of the Royal Hotel derive from spring source, unlike meteoric water.
There will not be a new onsen to be registered.
Therefore, hotels with onsen can be considered as a best-kept secret in Kawaguchiko area.

Bath information for day-tripper

Bath only (2hours) Adults 1,000 JPY / person; Children (0~12 years old) 800 JPY / person.
Private resting room + Bath Adults 3,000 JPY / person; Children (0~12 years old) 1,000 JPY / person.

Meal + Private resting room + Bath Adults 5,400 JPY ~ / person (2~30 persons, reservation needed)

※There will be extra charge for rental / sold face towels & bath towels.

Face towel: 250 JPY / piece; Bath towel (retal only, not for sale): 300JPY / piece

Large public bath / garden pavilion style bath / open-air rock bathroom
[Hours] Please feel free to contact us for any inquiry.
[Spring Quality] Calcium / sodium-hydrosulfate / sodium chloride (hypotonic, alkaline, thermal)
[Bathroom fixtures] Shampoo, hair-dryer, body soap

※For inhouse guests, it's all free for you to enjoy baths in the property.